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Uber & Lyft Accidents

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If you are involved in an accident as either a passenger from Uber or Lyft, or if one of their drivers has hit your car or struck you as a pedestrian, bicyclist, or motorcyclist you have a claim for your injuries, medical expenses, lost wages, and pain.

Inexperienced Uber And Lyft Drivers

There are many complexities and differences regarding these types of cases.

They are often not professional drivers, have not driven professionally for a living, and are in it to make some extra money. The driver may have little or no training. The driver may be in a hurry, or even under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or medication.

There are many reasons to have an experienced attorney investigate these possibilities.

Whose Insurance Covers Damages?

Insurance issues can be different for these types of cases.

For example, who insures the driver? Is it their personal car insurance as they are independent contractors or is it the insurance policy held by these companies?

Which of these insurance companies would provide the coverage or would both the policies be involved? For these reasons, it is important to have an experienced attorney on your side from the very beginning of the case to evaluate the responsibility of the Uber or Lyft driver and determine the applicable insurance coverage and protect your rights.

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Car Accidents

Car accidents are never simple especially when someone has been injured. Injuries obtained from an auto accident can be complex, long lasting, permanent, and even result in death. It can be overwhelming for a person to then have to deal with insurance companies, law enforcement, medical costs, and treatments.


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