Are you the victim of a pedestrian accident?

1 Let’s face it we are all on the move. Today’s pedestrians are at higher risk of serious injury or even death due to collisions with autos, buses, trucks, motorcycles, and bicycles. As many precautions a pedestrian can take, you are unfortunately not as protected as someone is in a car or even on a bicycle. A collision can leave the pedestrian with severe back or head injury. Other injuries such as torn ligaments, broken bones, damaged joints can be just as debilitating as spinal or brain injuries.
2 While we would hope that you will recover from accident injuries, some injuries are lifelong and can affect you and your loved one’s life in a variety of ways.  If you or a family member has suffered a pedestrian injury, attorney Barry Bellovin can help you make informed decisions, obtain compensation for not only pain and suffering related to the accident, but also for lost wages, cost of medical care, and the cost of life care if necessary.
3 Don’t assume the insurance company is going to offer fair compensation for your medical costs, impact on life, or for any future complications that may arise from injuries resulting from a pedestrian accident.
4 You have the right to seek legal counsel. The Bellovin Law Firm PLLC has more than 39 years of personal injury law experience. We know how to help our clients who have had severe injuries from pedestrian accidents and can work to maximize compensation for life-changing injuries. We are committed to representing your rights, and will not settle your case for convenience.

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  • Did you suffer injuries in an accident that was caused by no fault of your own? – in other words, you are the injured party
  • Do you or the other party have any insurance coverage (such as auto insurance, home insurance, or business insurance)?
  • Did the injury cause hospitalization, medical treatment, surgery, or missed work?
  • Did the accident happen within the last 2 years?

If you answered YES to ALL of the questions, we may be a good match. Contact us for a free case evaluation. We will discuss your options, and answer your questions regarding your personal injury case. Attorney Barry Bellovin wants to determine, by listening to you, how to best protect your rights and minimize the impact of an injury caused by another’s carelessness on your day to day life thus giving you the ability to focus on getting well.