Injuries To Children In Arizona

Cases involving Injuries to children require specialized knowledge by your lawyer. 

It is good to know some of the basic issues that make injuries to children and their cases for personal injury different from cases involving adults.

Children, even teenagers, have a tendency not to voice their symptoms so unless they have obvious injuries it is often difficult to detect the true extent of injury.

Statute Of Limitations For Injuries To Children

Also, there is a different statute of limitations time limit to bring a lawsuit with regard to children’s cases. Generally, the time limit to sue does not begin to run until their 18th birthday. 

Very often in serious injuries to children cases, if the children are very small you will not notice, especially if it is a head injury, the symptoms manifest and be noticed until they are asked to  perform complex learning or sports activities as they move up in their education and grades. This process can take years of careful monitoring.

Where Does The Compensation For Injuries Go?

When children under 18 years of age recover money from a case,  it does not go to the children or the parents, (comma added) instead it goes into a specialized bank account until the child’s 18th birthday through the probate court system. The probate court requires a conservatorship be filed and the settlement approved. The personal injury lawyer for your child can assist you with all of that. Children also can have emotional injuries that require specialized treatment.

Because of these types of unique to children case issues, it is important that you have a personal injury lawyer that is highly experienced in these types of cases.

Serious Injuries To Children

Serious injuries to children, brain and head injuries to children and birth injuries require experienced legal help. Sometimes, the compensation recovered will have to pay for a lifetime of medical bills and/or lost or reduced income due to injury caused by disability. 

Therefore, please call Barry Bellovin of the Bellovin Law Firm, PLLC, who has extensive experience in these areas of law. He will help you and your child navigate the complexities and the differences of injuries to children cases and protect your child’s rights to receive the compensation they are entitled to.

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