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Herniated and injured spinal discs

From the traumatic forces involved in automobile collisions and the whipping motion that often results from collision impacts, the discs that cushion the spine in between each of the bony vertebrae in the back can become dislocated or herniated. The discs are filled with cushioning fluid and can rupture or leak or become mispositioned.

The best way to determine if there is such an injury is an MRI scan of the affected area of the spine. Very often there can also be nerve involvement when the disc herniates or slips from its healthy position.

This can place pressure on the nerve roots that come out of each vertebral level and place pressure upon the nerve.

This can cause electrical pain sensation and numbness that can shoot down the arms if the herniated disc is in the neck or down the legs of the herniated disc is in the lower back or tailbone area or lower lumbar spine.

A surgery may be required to repair the disc. The surgeon sometimes replaces the damaged disc using bone to stabilize the area and relieve the pressure on the nerve root. There can be the possibility of losing function in the arms or legs if the nerve root compression is serious enough and long lasting enough to sever the nerve.

A neurologist is the best professional to assess whether there is a herniated disc that needs treatment and can perform nerve conduction studies in addition to an MRI.
If this condition does require surgery, then a neurosurgeon is typically the surgeon that performs the operation. Sometimes, an orthopedic surgeon is involved.

It is important to have a personal injury lawyer representing you who is familiar with this type of spinal disc injury and condition and who knows what type of treatment, treatment professionals and diagnostic tests are indicated and how to make this injury part of your case for fair compensation.

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