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Side-Impact Accidents

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Side impact accidents and injuries can be very serious, especially if one or more of the vehicles involved was traveling at a high rate of speed.

In a side-impact collision, if the vehicle that strikes the vehicle you are in, in the side intrudes into the vehicle cabin, meaning crushes into your vehicle, that side of your body will have crush injuries due to the striking vehicle pushing the door into you.

Side-Impact Car Accident Injuries

What is unusual about side-impact accidents is that often the most serious injuries are on the other side of your body away from the side that got struck by the at-fault vehicle. This occurs because of the dynamic forces involved in the collision. Side impacts of enough severity cause forces and motion that can result in a concussion, closed head injury, and other types of brain injuries. Immediate medical care is highly recommended Specialized tests such as MRI or CAT scans or other tests may need to be performed to check for internal injuries. If internal injuries are found, surgery may be required. If there are head injuries, specialized physicians such as neurologists or neurosurgeons may need to be consulted.

Because these injuries have been severe over many years the auto industry has developed side-impact airbags to soften the blow of these dangerous types of collisions. Not all vehicles and older vehicles have these side-impact airbags. Side impact airbags, although they help cushion the blow of impact, can also create bruising and/or burns that become part of the case for injuries and damages.

Many complex issues arise in a side-impact collision. You must have an attorney with experience in handling an aspect of side-impact collisions.

Barry L Bellovin of the Bellovin Law Firm, PLLC has extensive experience with side-impact collisions.

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