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Red Light Runners

Has a Red light runner or a driver who blew through and did not stop for a red light or traffic signal caused you serious injury?

Of all the many types of collisions, one of the most dangerous are those caused by drivers at intersections who do not stop for red lights and go through the red light.

This is usually a high force high injury accident that places the driver and passengers in grave danger. The damages to the vehicles involved is typically severe. Injuries can be severe or fatal when you are in one of these collisions. It is important to have an experienced attorney involved in your case so your attorney can immediately secure and gather the evidence of fault for the collision. There may be cameras located at the intersection and the data needs to be obtained from those cameras.

Gathering Supporting Evidence

Eye witnesses should be interviewed immediately after the collision before their memories fade.The witness statements should be placed in writing and signed by the witness..

There are many things that an experienced injury attorney needs to do as soon as possible following an injury caused by a driver who went through a red light.

Multiple Collisions At A Red Light 

An experienced attorney also needs to find out the available insurance coverage and under whose policy it is. There may be more vehicles involved in the collision. There could be issues involving a secondary collision when your vehicle gets pushed into the intersection and is hit by other vehicles. There could be light or utility poles involved or other obstacles or curbs in the roadway that need to be photographed. Photographs are extremely important in these types of collisions.

In addition, many new vehicles are now equipped with computers that can provide a lot of important information. If they are downloaded soon enough after an accident they provide vehicle speeds and other vital pre- collision information. 

Medical Attention 

Another reason to have an experienced attorney on your case as soon as possible if you will need expert medical care and evaluation following your emergency room care. Often, surgery and extensive physical therapy following one of these collisions is required.

You have rights to receive compensation for your injuries, pain, life disruption, medical expenses,  lost time from work and for any disability or scarring or for any other loss caused by the collision.

Barry Bellovin of The Bellovin Law Firm, PLLC  has extensive experience with cases involving drivers who ran through red lights and caused injury and harm.

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28-645. Traffic control signal legend

“A. If traffic is controlled by traffic control signals exhibiting different colored lights or colored lighted arrows successively one at a time or in combination, only the colors green, red and yellow shall be used, except for special pedestrian signals carrying a word legend. The lights shall indicate and apply to drivers of vehicles and pedestrians as follows:…”

Arizona State Legislature Statute


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