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Head-On Collisions

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These types of collisions are some of the most dangerous to life. The reason is that it is a force on force and the injury-causing dynamics of such a collision are very, very serious. Airbags were primarily designed to lower the fatality rate in head-on collisions.

Airbags often deploy in these types of collisions and can cause their own set of difficulties with burns and impact injuries.

The airbag is designed to provide some cushion and to prevent an occupant of a vehicle from being thrown from the vehicle which increases the chance of being killed in such an accident.

High Speed, Head-On Collisions

In higher speed, head-on collisions the injuries are most often very severe. They can result in helicopter evacuation, emergency surgeries, extensive medical bills, scarring, disability, permanent injury, and an inability to work.

It is important to have legal help immediately following the collision so evidence can be secured, and fault and insurance coverage determined.

Who Is At Fault?

If there is a dispute as to who is at fault it is very important to get eyewitness accounts and camera footage if available. Police reports must be obtained immediately, and all evidence evaluated.

The vehicle involved should be kept as evidence.

It is important to get the best medical treatment and therapy possible for your injuries.

If the head-on collision resulted in death, close family members should get legal help immediately so a wrongful death claim can be made.

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Car Accidents

Car accidents are never simple especially when someone has been injured. Injuries obtained from an auto accident can be complex, long lasting, permanent, and even result in death. It can be overwhelming for a person to then have to deal with insurance companies, law enforcement, medical costs, and treatments.


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