Traumatic Brain injuries

Traumatic Brain injuries come in many varying degrees of severity. The most severe impairs mental functioning in the most obvious way and requires the most intensive treatment, care, and therapy.

There are other types of brain injury that are mild to moderate that can go unnoticed and undiagnosed. They often require professionals such as neuropsychologists that administer sophisticated tests to determine if someone has suffered a mild to moderate form of traumatic brain injury.

It is important for your lawyer to know if you suffered this type of injury as it has value In terms of compensation for your accident case. More importantly, once diagnosed it can be treated professionally so that your recovery from this injury can be maximized.

Symptoms of a major traumatic brain injury are obvious and include severe mental impairment, speech difficulty, and a variety of other disabling conditions.

The more subtle forms of traumatic brain injury that should be diagnosed and treated occur when there are mild memory impairments often accompanied by headache, floaters in the visual field, seeing spots, being light-sensitive, and having emotional mood swings without apparent reason. Also, forgetting things that would normally not be forgotten and doing things that normally would not be done as well as headaches can all signal to point to a traumatic brain injury of varying degrees of severity. These symptoms require professional evaluation. In some cases, an MRI of the brain is recommended as an evaluation by a neurologist. A neuropsychologist is also often helpful for the treatment and diagnosis of this condition.

There are a variety of therapies available to enhance the speed and completeness of your recovery from a traumatic brain injury.

It is important to have an attorney who is familiar with this type of injury who can guide you through your diagnosis and treatment. An attorney should also know what tests are needed and how to include this injury in your case so you can be fairly compensated for it.

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