Maximizing Compensation In Personal Injury Case

A question is often asked: How can I receive what I am entitled to following an accident that is caused by the fault of someone else who was insured?

The best way to give yourself the most opportunity to receive what you are entitled to is to get medical treatment immediately from qualified health care providers.
This can include an ambulance, and a hospital for emergency care or care from an urgent care facility. Once the need for emergency medical care has passed then it is extremely important to continue care with competent healthcare providers skilled in the particular areas of injury where your body has been affected.

Another way to maximize your compensation is to make sure that you keep all of your medical appointments. In severe injury cases, you can also keep a diary, entering a few sentences a day to verify the impact of the injury upon your life and physical condition.

Some people after an accident are in denial and don’t want to receive the treatment they need. This ends up hurting themselves typically in 2 ways.

  1. They do not receive the care they need to set the tone for their physical recovery
  2. They do not promptly get fully worked up and diagnosed and get all the x-rays and diagnostic tests that are indicated. The longer this is delayed, the weaker the case. If you do not have medical proof of injury it does not get included in your case and reduces the amount of your compensation.

In law and in presenting cases to juries and insurance companies the name of the game is documentation and evidence.
You can be hurt very badly in an accident, however, if you don’t get treated and diagnosed and have your injuries and your progress documented regularly by health care providers who are skilled then you have done yourself a disservice.
Insurance companies and juries just don’t take your word that you have pain, you prove it by having medical records that substantiate your injuries and symptoms.

To maximize compensation and your recovery, it is important that you go to the correct medical providers and specialists and have the correct tests performed in a timely manner.

Procrastinating and not keeping appointments with your medical care providers and hoping things will just simply get better on their own is not the best strategy for maximizing your compensation and your physical recovery.

it is important to get all the treatment that you need in a time-appropriate and prompt manner to maximize your recovery.

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