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Have You Suffered a Serious or Debilitating Auto Accident?

1 Car accidents are never simple especially when someone has been injured. Injuries obtained from an auto accident can be very complex, long-lasting, permanent, and even result in death. It can and usually is very overwhelming for a person to then have to deal with insurance companies, law enforcement, or managing medical costs and treatments. Utilizing the services of personal injury attorney Barry Bellovin can help you during this stressful time and help you deal with lost wages, getting the medical services you need, and allowing yourself time to recover.
2 Don’t assume the insurance company or the negligent person is going to offer fair compensation for your medical costs, impact on life, or for any future complications that may arise from a debilitating or serious auto injury.
3 You have the right to seek legal counsel. The Bellovin Law Firm PLLC has more than 39 years of personal injury law experience. We know how to help our clients who have had serious auto accident injuries and can work to maximize compensation for life-changing injuries. We are committed to representing your rights, and will not settle your case for convenience.

Tucson Auto Accident Attorney

Tucson Auto Accident Lawyer

In an instant, an auto or a car accident can completely change your life. Besides the frightening experience, the accident may leave you with life-long physical and emotional injuries. You may also have to deal with the accident’s financial consequences, including substantial medical bills, lost wages due to an inability to work, vehicle repairs, and other additional expenses. 

Additionally, you may have to go through a complex legal process to recover fair compensation, which includes dealing with insurance companies aiming to reduce the amount of compensation you should receive.This is why you need the assistance of a skilled and experienced Tucson auto accident lawyer on your side. A skilled attorney will help you get the compensation you need and deserve.

If you are in Tucson, Arizona, and have recently been injured in a car accident, contact our experienced Tucson auto accident lawyer, Mr. Barry Bellovin at the Bellovin Law Firm, PLLC. He will use his knowledge and extensive networks of professionals to ensure you receive the help and compensation you deserve for your damages as you focus on your recovery and moving on with your life.

Common Causes of Car Accidents

Car accidents are a familiar scene throughout Tuscon, AZ, and surrounding areas. While no two car accidents are the same, there are several common causes of car accidents, including:

  1. Distracted Driving. In this case, an accident occurs when the driver is distracted while using their phone, eating/drinking, or talking to passengers. Other causes of distracted driving include operating the radio or focusing on something else on the road, such as billboards. Unfortunately, distracted driving has become one of the leading causes of car accidents.
  2. Drunk Driving. Despite the state’s strict DUI laws, driving under the influence is among the leading causes of car accidents in Arizona. Typically, drunk drivers have a slow response time and are quite prone to making poor decisions leading to dangerous, and sometimes fatal car accidents.
  3. Reckless Driving. Similar to drunk driving, reckless driving may lead to dangerous accidents, including death. In most cases, the accident involves a negligent driver who is excessively speeding, making dangerous turns, and/or generally not observing Arizona traffic regulations.
  4. Other Causes. While dangerous drivers are to blame for most car accidents in Arizona, they are not the only cause of car accidents. Other causes may include fatigued driving or being under the influence of marijuana or prescription medication. Marijuana is now legal for recreational use in Arizona, however it is not legal to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence. Additionally, drivers under the influence of prescription medications, such as pain medications, may cause an auto accident. 

Recovering Damages in a Tucson Auto Accident

Many auto accidents involve negligent or careless driving, victims of these drivers can recover compensation for damages. To successfully recover damages you need to prove some crucial elements, including:

  • an accident occurred that was not your fault
  • there is an at-fault driver or party for this accident
  • significant injuries and/or damages were suffered in this accident

Other legal principles that might complicate a car accident personal injury claim include multiple responsible drivers.

Additionally, a car accident can result in various damages, including medical costs, property damage, and lost wages. You can also recover damages for pain, surgeries, and scars. The legal process of seeking compensation for injuries from a car accident can be complicated, and you need an experienced Tucson auto accident lawyer to help you navigate that process successfully. 

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Whether you are a passenger, a pedestrian, or a driver, a car accident can be devastating. Besides physical and psychological injuries, as a victim, you may have to deal with so many other things, including pursuing compensation for damages. In a personal injury case, it may be challenging to understand the law that applies to your accident, whether you can recover damages and how much you should receive as compensation. In the ensuing confusion of an accident, insurance companies may take advantage and withhold a part of your compensation. However, a skilled and experienced Tucson auto accident lawyer can guide you through the complex process while defending your rights to receive fair compensation for your damages. Mr. Barry Bellovin at the Bellovin Law Firm is committed to helping you recover the compensation you need and deserve. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about our services.  

When To Call a Tucson Auto Injury and Car Accidents Attorney

Mr. Barry Bellovin is here to help represent you and see to it that you receive fair compensation for damages. When picking an auto accident attorney in Tucson, Arizona it is important that you be represented by an experienced Personal Injury lawyer. The Bellovin Law Firm is here for you. We have over 39 years of experience representing clients involved in auto accidents. We offer free consultations and if we don’t win your case, you pay nothing. If you have any questions at all about your case you should not hesitate to call us. We can easily set up an appointment to go over the details of your case.

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