Jaw Injury – Temporomandibular joint injury (TMJ)

This is an injury to the joint that controls your jaw. It lies in between the muscles of your head near the temple and your cheeks.

How can this joint be injured in a car accident?

There is a disk that slides back-and-forth in this joint that is just in front of your ear. When that disk is moved from its natural alignment and location then the jaw becomes injured and does not close correctly causing the jaw injury.

The jaw is one of the most often used joints needed for speaking, eating, and drinking and can cause great discomfort and pain when injured. Along with headaches and lack of sleep, it generally requires treatment from either a skilled dentist, chiropractor, or physical therapist. Often a dental appliance has to be made to be worn in the mouth to restore proper spacing and alignment of the joint. In extreme cases, surgery may be required.

How can a car accident cause this type of injury?

The forces of the whipping motion back-and-forth or direct blunt force trauma on impact or any abrupt front to back or side to side motion can dislocate the disk of the TMJ joint creating a TMJ injury. The joint must be realigned and the capsule allowed to go back into its natural location. This can often require therapy and time. This injury can be visualized on an MRI of the TMJ joint. One joint on one side can be injured or both sides. It is very important to notice the injury and receive diagnosis and treatment promptly after the accident or insurance companies and/or juries may conclude that the injury is not related to the accident and cannot be included in the accident case.

How do you know if you have a TMJ injury?

You know because you experience headaches and pain in the temple area. You will likely also be experiencing pain and discomfort when chewing, fatigue when chewing, and/or painful popping or clicking of the jaw. You may have pain when opening and closing the mouth and be unable to open your mouth completely. Prompt treatment and diagnosis helps you to receive symptom relief, document your injury for your legal case, and provides you with the best chance to recover quickly and fully from this injury.

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